BPPAUDNI Regional III Organised Technical Orientation for Officer of Quality Data Collection of PAUDNI Unit in Gorontalo

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BPPAUDNI Reg.III selenggarakan ORTEK Petugas Pengumpul Data Mutu Satuan PAUDNI di Gorontalo

BPPAUDNI Regional III, organised a Technical Orientation for PAUDNI Unit Quality Data Collectors in Gorontalo.

This activity, according to Head of Information and Partnership Section, Agustina Ernawati, who is also chairwoman of the committee, is a part of quality mapping program in 2015 and Gorontalo province is the first province to be the location of this technical orientation.

Based on Government Regulation No. 32 Year 2013 on National Education Standards, outlining 8 educational standards, namely the Graduates Competency Standards, Content Standards, Process Standard, Teachers and Education Personnel Standards, Infrastructure Standards, Management Standards, Funding and Standard Assessment of Education Standard as a basis for planning, implementation and supervision of education in order to realise national education quality.

BPPAUDNI, said Erna, have the task of implementing quality mapping unit to capture real condition of PAUDNI program implementation consisting of early childhood education, community education and education courses and training in their working area. In carrying out quality mapping, BPPAUDNI developed a system that has been tested over the last two years. System or the application will be used as an electronic instrument to obtain data and information on the PAUDNI unit quality program based on national education standards. Therefore, BPPAUDNI Regional III organised a technical orientation in order to make data collectors familiar with the systemís application.

As for the purpose of this activity is to provide the technical ability for participants to be able to provide information and manage the quality of PAUDNI data. The expected outcome of this activity is the mapping system as well as data and information in capturing real condition of PAUDNI program in Regional III so it can be used as recommendations for decision-making in program planning.

The event was officially opened by the Head of BPKB Gorontalo, Bambang Kunaedi, and attended by 16 participants from UPTD SKB/BPKB Gorontalo, six of which came from South Bolaang Mongondow regency and North Bolaang Mongondow regency, North Sulawesi province. This activity will be held for 3 days from 5-7 March 2015 located in LPMP Gorontalo.

SKB Bone Bolango
Category: Fellow March 05, 2015 | Views 325x Posted by: SKB Bone Bolango

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