Technical Orientation of Quality Data Collectors of PAUDNI 2015 in Southeast Sulawesi

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Ortek Petugas Pengumpul Data Mutu PAUDNI 2015 di Sultra

BPPAUDNI Regional III, organised Technical Orientation of Quality Data Collectors of PAUDNI for BPKB and SKB in Southeast Sulawesi, this event located in BPKB Sultra. It was officially inaugurated by the Head of BPKB Sultra, Suhardin. In his speech, he appreciated this activity as an attempt by BPPAUDNI Regional III to determine further the performance and development as well as the profile of existing programs in BPKB and SKB in Southeast Sulawesi.

Technical Orientation lasted for three days from 18 untul 20 March 2015 and attended by 18 officers. This orientation is about how the participants trained so they can use the PAUDNI quality data management application to provide an overview of the various PAUDNI programs that implemented in each institution.

The orientation presents Irhandi Amirin, as the keynote speaker for the introduction of quality mapping applications. In his session, he train participants with techniques of application installment, and the steps of changing instrument until the backup of quality database application. Great expectations of the speaker and the whole team, who introduced this application can be a bridge between BPKB/SKB with standardisation for Regional III to education assessment, especially in the implementation of activities in the institution like SKB/BPKB in Southeast Sulawesi.

BPKB Sulawesi Tenggara
Category: Fellow March 20, 2015 | Views 378x Posted by: BPKB Sulawesi Tenggara

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