Implementation of Quality Mapping Application of PAUDNI Unit in Gorontalo

SKB Bone Bolango
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Penerapan Aplikasi Pemetaan Mutu Satuan PAUDNI di wilayah Gorontalo

Sixteen participants represent UPTD SKB/BPKB in Gorontalo, six of which came from the South Bolaang Mongondow and North Bolaang Mongondow, North Sulawesi province, were trained with technical capabilities as the quality data collecting officer of PAUDNI unit by the trainer from BPPAUDNI Regional III for three days in LPMP Gorontalo.

This activities were packaged in technical orientation and is deemed necessary to be implemented with the aim to provide technical capabilities for the participants in order to provide information and manage quality data of PAUDNI unit hoping to generate mapping systems as well as data and information captured the real condition of PAUDNI program in Regional III.

Activity is filled with some of the material of which is the core content of the quality mapping application by the trainer, Irhandi Amirin. In this matter, the participants provided with technical installation, configuration, changing instrument until the backup process database of mapping quality application. Quality mapping application developed by BPPAUDNI is used as an electronic instrument to collect data and information about the quality of PAUDNI unit. At the end of the session, Irhandi hope the participants can understand the material that was submitted.

"Do not be discouraged if you did not understand yet, and do not be so proud if you already understand, let's share, nothing is immortal," Irhandi said while closed the session.

From Gorontalo team consist of six people which are: Agustina Ernawati, Kahirah Adami, Irhandi Amirin, Tawakkal Talib, Muhammad Wildan, and Firman Rusliawan. After closing activities on Saturday (5/3) they will continue the road trip to Manado for same activities in North Sulawesi.

SKB Bone Bolango
Category: Fellow March 07, 2015 | Views 379x Posted by: SKB Bone Bolango

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