Workshop for PKBM Organiser in Southeast Sulawesi 2015

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Workshop Pengelola PKBM Se-Sulawesi Tenggara 2015

Kendari, 22/03/15. BPKB Southeast Sulawesi organised Workshop for PKBM Organiser. This workshop took place at BPKB Sultra for three days from 22 to 24 March 2015. For the second time, this workshop funded from provincial government dodget, previously held by the Department of Education and Culture of the Southeast Sulawesi province.

Workshop for PKBM Organiser was opened by the Head of BPKB Southeast Sulawesi, Suhardin, in his speech, he said that the presence of this activity indicates that the Southeast Sulawesi provincial governments still pay attention to the program in the region through community empowerment, Former Head of PAUDNI also expects to all participants of the workshop to follow up the results of these activities, especially PKBM institution that still have illiterate people, to immediately make a proposal in accordance guidelines, and each proposals made must involve the village authorities, both the head of the village and the sub-village head so that the program plan will be implemented as accreditation standards, and non-active organiser will not be served in concern to any program proposed.

Implementation of these activities involve 15 districts of 18 districts this is because the other districts are still in the stage of development of the region, and it is expected of the 15 counties were present to represent the entire PKBM in Southeast Sulawesi province. PKBM fore not yet involved, especially the district which is currently still in the development stage area can be involved in the next PKBM workshop to the effectiveness of illiteracy eradication in Southeast Sulawesi province.

BPKB Sulawesi Tenggara
Category: Fellow March 22, 2015 | Views 501x Posted by: BPKB Sulawesi Tenggara

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