Farewell of Intern Students of TKJ Club at Kafe Baca

Rusdy Embas
Category: Kafe Baca September 29, 2018 | Views: 1122x Posted by: Rusdy Embas

Siswa PKL TKJ Club Perpisahan di Kafe Baca

Hundreds of Intern students of TKJ Club Makassar held a farewell event at Kafe Baca BP-PAUD and Dikmas South Sulawesi, Saturday (09/29/2018).

The activity which began at around 16.00 WITA took place lively and packaged in a musical concept that featured interns and tutors as the performers. There is also the delivery of messages and impressions from students and tutors.

Before the activities in the form of entertainment took place, Chairman of the LKP Aksara Tekno Edukasi, Aliansyah gave a speech and explained the vision and mission of TKJ Club Makassar.

Aliansyah said, among other things, since it was founded about five years ago, this course and training institution has educated thousands of vocational students from various regions. Not only those who located in South Sulawesi, but many also come from outside the region, such as Papua, Ambon and Kalimantan.

"Through this institution, we want to change the mindset of ordinary school children to be extraordinary," Aliansyah said.

With the special curriculum that has been created, said Aliansyah, school children who have studied at TKJ Club will be different from those who have not had time to study at TKJ Club, so that returning to school will be better than before. "The process never betrays the results," said Aliansyah giving parables related to her students.
Rusdy Embas
Category: Kafe Baca September 29, 2018 | Views 1122x Posted by: Rusdy Embas

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