General Director Inaugurate Coordination Meeting of BP-PAUD and Dikmas South Sulawesi 2018

Rusdy Embas
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Dirjen Buka Rakor BP-PAUD dan Dikmas Sulsel 2018

Director General of PAUD and Dikmas was represented by Head of Planning and Budgeting, Agus Pranowo, inaugurated a Regional Role Improvement Meeting in the Strengthening of Early Childhood Education Program and Dikmas Program in South Sulawesi.

The Coordination Meeting which took place from Tuesday to Wednesday (10-12/4/2018), in the Hall of Anging Mammiri BP-PAUD and Dikmas South Sulawesi was attended by 50 participants consisting; Kabid PNF from Education Office in the regencies and Cities, Non-formal Education Unit, PKBM Forum, HIPKI South Sulawesi, and Himpaudi of South Sulawesi.

Agus Pranowo when opening the meeting explained the policy of PAUD and Dikmas in 2018, namely; expand access to PAUD and Dikmas programs, strengthen the quality of the PAUD and Dikmas units that are accredited, independent, and competitive.

Upgrading PAUD and Dikmas program according to the development of science, technology, and local wisdom. Strengthening relationships between central government with local governments and stakeholders, and maintaining an corruption-free area and continuing to improve accountable and transparent governance.

Agus Pranowo said, in the future, the building of CLC buildings will be rehabilitated. It goes in the planning. Similarly, other education units such as PKBM and UPT.

Continued Agus Pranowo, it was meant to make each SKB become independent, competitive, and able to provide greater benefits to the public.

To develop early childhood education in the future, said Agus Pranowo, the government continues to encourage each regency to make one village one ECE, encouraging districts to launch the compulsory movement of one-year and pre-primary schools. In addition, the effort is also to expand the implementation of integrative holistic early childhood, and improve the competence of PAUD educators.

While the challenges faced by family education, according to Agus Pranowo, is strengthen the role of the family in supporting the strengthening of character education of children, expand the family education services through various education units and community institutions.

Increase stunting prevalence, prevention of HIV/AIDS and drug use through family education, and strengthen the family education ecosystem in educational units. ***

Rusdy Embas
Category: Bureau Internal Activity April 10, 2018 | Views 695x Posted by: Rusdy Embas

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