Kindergarten Renovation in Gowa Regency

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Bedah TK di Kabupaten Gowa

Student Association of Early Childhood Teacher Education (HIMA PG-PAUD) Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, University of Muhammadiyah (FKIP-Unismuh) Makassar, held positive and innovative activities which is Kindergarten Renovation.

This student performs kindergarten renovation coupled with ECE Counseling and workshop of learning media for the kindergarten teacher in Sengka Village of Gowa Regency. The target this time is Kindergarten Aisyiyah Kampung Daeng, located in Sengka Village, Gowa Regency.

"This kindergarten became the target of HIMA PG-PAUD because it is suitable, besides because the condition of Kindergarten is very shabby, this school also does not have instructional media and some school infrastructure," said FKIP Public Relation, Ian, Wednesday (24/10/2017).

The HIMA PG-PAUD activities received appreciation from teachers in schools and communities who live around the site.

School renovation, said Ian, ranging from school wall painting, classroom painting, procurement of school infrastructure, to mapping the room.

"This activity is carried out in the framework of building friendships of students with local communities, where the funding of this activity is from the voluntary assistance of PG-PAUD Unismuh students," added Azizah, Chairman of HIMA PG-PAUD Unismuh.

"The kindergarten renovation," continued Ian, "received support from the Chairman of the Prodi PG-PAUD Unismuh, Tasrif Akib."

"This activity is fully supported and we hope that this kind of positive activity can continue to be done by our students as a form of service directly to the community," said Tasrif Akib. (Iksan)

Rusdy Embas
Category: Early Childhood October 24, 2017 | Views 608x Posted by: Rusdy Embas

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