Borongtala Become Literacy Village of Kemendikbud

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Borongtala Jadi Kampung Literasi Kemendikbud

Borongtala Village of Tamallayang, Bontonompo District, Gowa Regency, South Sulawesi, was elected as the Village of Literacy by Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud) Indonesia in order to build literacy villages in 31 provinces in Indonesia.

Borongtala Village qualify as the implementation of literacy activities as proposed by The Gowa Center (TGC) through the Directorate of Literacy and Equality Education of Kemendikbud and Green House of Denassa which is an area of ??environmental conservation was selected as a place of collective learning.

The founder, Denassa Darmawan, explains, literacy activities in the village will not merely teach children to write and read, but will use the area which is an area of ??environmental conservation as a media for learning process.

"Literacy Village activity has started since June 2016. We have been selected for over the years, could last to implement actions for literacy with self-assist system," said Darmawan, on Thursday (08/12/2916).

Activities in Borongtala Village at this time, according Darmawan among others, Open Book, Arisan Books, Kemah Books, Open Stalls, Citizens Mapping, and door-to-door book.

"Literacy Village gives reinforcement to the initiatives that we are working since nine years ago. With this program, we can improve the area and improvement of facilities and reading materials that can support the objectives of the establishment of Green House of Denassa as a place to learn together and conservation," he said.

It is said, children are routinely studied as a community of learners class is also encouraged by the new available books and great for knowledge and increase their interest. Each day participants were asked to write a variety of community classes such as writing stories, letters, poems.

Community classes, continued Darmawan, then formed a special class to write as part of Literacy Village. Initially, writing is a common activity for all participants, but now has been made specifically for the support of Literacy Village program.

"The books in the library of Denassa are good readings. That is why I am happy to be in the Green House of Denassa," said Miska Adiba Edsa, community-grader who lives not far from Green House of Denassa.

This 5th graders in Rappokaleleng Elementary School visit the Green House of Denassa almost every day to study with more of her friends. Their age is between 8 to 14 years. (Insan)

Rusdy Embas
Category: Literacy Education December 09, 2016 | Views 634x Posted by: Rusdy Embas

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