Village Farmer Group in Bone Turn Papaya into Dodol and Jam

Rusdy Embas
Category: Literacy Education September 23, 2018 | Views: 168x Posted by: Rusdy Embas

Kelompok Tani Desa di Bone Olah Pepaya Jadi Dodol dan Selei

Bosowa University (Unibos) Makassar carries out community service in various regions in South Sulawesi, as did the university lecturer by helping villagers in the village of Liliriawang, Bengo District, Bone District to develop California Papaya, Sunday (9/23/2018).

Unibos lecturer from the Faculty of Agriculture, Baharuddin together with A Tenri Fitriyah, helped develop the potential of the village community through counseling Papaya California.

They demonstrated the diversification of papaya processing products as new products, such as dodol, selei, and California papaya sweets. This type of papaya is known for its sweeter tastes and thick fruit flesh, developed by Unibos lecturers in the area as new products with high selling value. Moreover, in this area it is also very likely to grow and develop this type of plant.

"In that area, the Pepayani farmer group has been moving for a long time. It's just that, for development it is still lacking. So we bring new varieties to be developed as new products," Baharuddin said.

Baharuddin also guarantees the quality of this product because from the process of seeding, planting, maintenance, and so on using natural ingredients including types of fertilizer, namely manure.

The team of Unibos lecturers will continue to conduct training until the first harvest is carried out.

One member of the papaya farmer group, Ahmad, said, "We really need guidance because we hope our products can be developed. What's more now there are a lot of new processes, new technologies, and hopefully the results can help increase our income also hopefully to be sold on the market more modern. " (Iksan)

Rusdy Embas
Category: Literacy Education September 23, 2018 | Views 168x Posted by: Rusdy Embas

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