Lontar Craftsmen Trained in Entrepreneurship

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Pengrajin Anyaman Lontar Dilatih Kewirausahaan

Lontar woven craftsmen whose production is songkok guru, in Bonto Kassi Village, South Galesong Sub-district, Takalar District, are still oriented to customer orders, not yet oriented to supply or availability, even though the prospects are very good.

That happens because they experience limited business capital and weak marketing functions, as well as weak networking or partnership networks with related institutions or institutions, both government and private institutions.

"Another obstacle is the lack of knowledge in the field of organizational management and financial administration, bookkeeping has not been well organized, and lack of product diversification resulting from limited production skills and lack of technological touch," said Public Administration lecturer, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Muhammadiyah (Unismuh) Makassar , Dr. Andi Rosdianti Razak, told reporters in Makassar on Thursday (04/10/2018).

The attention of the Takalar District Government to the development of the woven palm leaf business, he continued, was also felt lacking, coupled with the low interest of the younger generation to study the skills inheritance that had been passed down through the villages of Bonto Kassi and its surroundings.

In connection with that, said Andi Rosdianti, himself with Dr. Ruliaty and assisted by three Unismuh Faculty of Social Sciences students, namely Muskar, Muhlis, and Andi Karlina, held entrepreneurship training that focused on business development, which included organizational management training, production training, financial administration training, and mentoring.

He said, there were several groups of palm woven craftsmen in Bonto Kassi Village, but his party provided training to two craft business groups, namely the Lontara Paraikatte Group chaired by Abdul Jabbar Daeng Betta, and the Lontara Community Group chaired by Hasni Umar Daeng Tauni.

"They were very enthusiastic in participating in the training that we held. The work program and the next stage were the development of production with various kinds of products, so that the market would also develop and the production of their handicrafts could be widely known, both domestically and abroad," Andi Rosdianti said. (Iksan)

Rusdy Embas
Category: Literacy Education October 04, 2018 | Views 164x Posted by: Rusdy Embas

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