Library of Makassar Held Book Reviewer Competition

Rusdy Embas
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Perpustakaan Makassar Gelar Lomba Resensi Buku

Book Review Contest held by the Makassar City Library Service ended on Thursday (9/13/2018) afternoon. This competition was attended by 70 more students from 30s junior high schools and madrasah tsanawiyah (MTs) throughout Makassar City.

The competition which took place at the Continent Centrepoint Hotel, Jalan Adhyaksa No. 15, Makassar City, South Sulawesi Province was the theme of Cultivating a Culture of Literacy with Love Reading.

The jury decided that six students were selected as the best prescriptions. The first winner was Adzkiyah Mustamin from Al Insyirah IT Middle School, the second place was occupied by Mahadewi Arsy Asyahrah Putrizal from Athirah II Islamic Middle School, and the third place winner was Dini Alya Syakhirah from SMP IT Wahdah Islamiyah.

The first hope winner was Khanum Mayyada T from Unismuh Makassar Middle School, followed by Muh Nabil Dhiyaulhaq from Athirah II Middle School as the second runner up, while Fatirah Handayani won the third place winner from SMP Negeri 7 Makassar.

Each of the best receptions gets prizes in the form of trophies, certificates, gifts and vouchers from Bimbel Primagama.

Winner I, II, and III receive additional bonus in the form of cash. 1st place worth IDR 2 million. Second place winner is Rp. 1.5 million, and the third winner gets Rp. 1 million.

Public Relations of the Makassar City Library Service, Tulus Wulan June, said the competition was held in order to increase reading interest among students.

"At the same time in order to commemorate 2018 Reading Month," he said.

This competition also aims to hone students' reading skills while giving an assessment / appreciation of the work of the book.

"This activity is also part of the government's program to realize Makassar Love Reading," explained the winner of the 16th Silver Price Consal Oustanding Librarian Award in 2015 in Bangkok, Thailand.

In this competition, participants were given the opportunity to review one of the two titles provided by the committee. The book which was reviewed, entitled Narcotics Shortening Human Age - Notes of Concern and Self-Monitoring was written by Andi Baso Tancung and the book Makassarku, Makassarmu, Makassarta All the works of Bahrul Ulum Ilham.

Each participant was given two hours to read and review one of the book titles. This time, participants no longer wrote the results of the recitation on paper. Instead it was written using a laptop that each participant took.

The review results of participants were assessed by three judges with diverse backgrounds, each Adi Wijaya (author and book editor), Yuliana (Indonesian language mentor at the Primagama Makassar Tutoring Institute), and Jumadi Mappanganro (journalist). (Iksan)

Rusdy Embas
Category: Literacy Education September 13, 2018 | Views 137x Posted by: Rusdy Embas

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