Book Review: Morning Notes of Doctor Cowboy

Rusdy Embas
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Bedah Buku Catatan Pagi Dokter Koboi

After successfully breaking Indonesia's world record of simultaneous launches throughout Indonesia with Pegadaian in Sumenep, East Java, early last April, now, Morning Notes of Doctor Cowboy, which was dissected by the Indonesian Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand, Saturday (27/4) / 2019).

Present at the Morning Notes of Doctor Cowboy surgery were, Prof. Mustari Mustafa (Education and Culture Attaché of the Indonesian Embassy in Bangkok Thailand) and dr. Siswanto Wahab Sp.KK (Chair of the Indonesian Medical Association of Makassar City). Book review took place lively.

The Education and Culture Attache of the Indonesian Embassy in Thailand, Mustari Mustafa stated, his appreciation for Doctor Cowboy's morning notebook. This book contains a small record of writers on social media, especially Facebook.

"Books are memories for our children and grandchildren in the future. This will also motivate 3000 Indonesian students who are educated in Thailand to be able to make books with any theme according to their interests," ujara Mustari Mustafa.

Chairman of IDI Makassar City, Dr. Siswanto Wahab said the author succeeded in raising an interesting theme in Doctor Koboi's Morning Note not only about medicine, which was indeed the author's background. It is precisely the many questions about life philosophy.

Many notes about the meaning of friendship, sustenance, and networking. There are also writing about motivation and inspiring stories.

"Interestingly, Morning Notes of Doctor Cowboy were born easily in every meeting with his friend, because of their diverse content, this book is important and interesting to read. Not just adding library collections, but also presenting new insights and knowledge," said Siswanto Wahab.

I am the author of the book "Morning Notes of Doctor Cowboy", said dr. Wachyudi Muchsin appreciated the willingness of the Indonesian Embassy in Bangkok to discuss this book.

"Hopefully this can be a spirit for anyone, to write a book because writing is easy. Moreover, book review takes place in Bangkok Thailand, of course this feels like a dream but thanks to the support of all parties it can be successful and motivate anyone." (Iksan)

Rusdy Embas
Category: General April 27, 2019 | Views 194x Posted by: Rusdy Embas

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