Implementation of Parenting Education Model in Kajang Tribal Community

Firman Rusliawan
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Implementasi Model Pendidikan Keluarga pada Masyarakat Adat Kajang

The territory or community of Indigenous People of Kajang Tribe becomes the object of the implementation for parenting education labsite in 2016, in which the goal is to explore local wisdom of South Sulawesi people, how the concept of kinship that is tied to indigenous people determines the success of the labsite program, and how the story behind the activities gives color in advancing education. Kajang indigenous peoples are well known in publications throughout the country. It can be believed that all the people of Kajang indigenous peoples with their local culture have been able to preserve forest riches as the main source of their life, oxygen, and it is recognized. The Kajang area includes Kajang, Bulukumba, and Ujung Loe Subdistricts. Every area where Kajang indigenous people live is always marked by the existence of saukang (places/objects that are sacred) in the form of forest, lake, stone, and ancestral places of Kajang tribe. The concept and practice of indigenous peoples of Kajang is an interesting study for many, especially in the aspect of the Kajang indigenous people's ability to live in harmony with the forest, as well as a topic of study of indigenous peoples' rights in the management of natural resources, land tenure and land use of indigenous peoples based on pasang (message) that read tallasa kamase-mase (simple life) and katutui ririe'na, rigentenganna tunala tabbua palaraya (keep it well as long as it exists, before the coming of crisis). With its uniqueness, the Development Center for Early Childhood Education and Community Education of South Sulawesi with the cooperation of educational units invite parents of students, school residents in the Tana Toa elementary school 351, collaborate in educating their children to complete the elementary school .. ...
Firman Rusliawan
Category: General June 07, 2017 | Views 722x Posted by: Firman Rusliawan

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