Harkitnas as the Moment to Renew Mutual Cooperation Spirit

Rusdy Embas
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Jadikan Harkitnas Momen Perbarui Semangat Gotong Royong

The Minister of Communication and Information, Rudiantara, invites all Indonesian people to take advantage of the 2019 National Awakening Day commemoration as a momentum to renew the spirit of mutual cooperation as a legacy of local wisdom.

"I invite all of us as fellow nationals to consciously interpret the warning of national awakening this time by renewing mutual cooperation and collaboration, as a legacy of local wisdom that will lead us to glory on the global stage," said Rudiantara.

This was conveyed by Rudiantara in his written remarks at the National Awakening Day Commemoration Ceremony on Monday (5/20/2019), on the Center for Early Childhood Education and Community Education South Sulawesi (BP-PAUD and Dikmas) Ceremony.

In his written remarks read by the Head of BP-PAUD and Dikmas Sulsel, Pria Gunawan, Rudiantara said, the 111th National Awakening Day Commemoration, this time is very relevant if interpreted by the text of the Palapa Oath spoken by Gajah Mada whose meaning, he will not stop dying body or fast before uniting the archipelago.

"We are in a post-party situation where democracy drains the energy and emotions of most of our people," said Rudiantara.

It is said, we aspire to different choices in the election, but all choices we will have are for the good of the nation. Therefore there is no problem if it is sharpened and actually rips our social unity.

"Alhamdulillah, until now the stages of the election of the president and vice president and legislative members have proceeded smoothly. This smoothness is also thanks to the sacrifice of many of our brothers who are members of the polling organizing group, even in the form of sacrifices," he said.

"It is truly their noble struggle to maintain the smoothness and honesty of this electoral process. While sending prayers for the peace of mind of the heroes of democracy, it would be wonderful if we express our gratitude for their sacrifice by waiting in an orderly manner the official vote count will be announced. by an institution designated by law, in the near future, "said Rudiantara.

For more than a century, we have carved a record of respect and respect for national pluralism, marked by the establishment of the Boedi Oetomo organization.

In conditions of plurality of languages, ethnicities, religions, and cultures, the geographical landscape is one of the most extreme in the world, we prove that it is able to maintain unity until this moment.

Therefore, there is no doubt that we will certainly be able to reunite immediately from the estrangement of differences of opinion, from social divisions, by thinking of the broader interests of our nation's grandchildren, namely the unity of Indonesia.

Moreover, the commemoration of the National Awakening Day this time was also held in the atmosphere of Ramadan. For Muslims, this holy month leads us to pursue merit by abandoning acts that are hated by Allah SWT such as hostility and hatred, let alone the spread of lies and slander.

"With all these hopes, it would be very relevant if the commemoration of National Awakening Day was pinned on the theme 'Rise To Unity.' The Rise For Unity," he said.

This nation is a great nation, said Rudiantara, who has been able to continue to live the spirit of his union for centuries. The key is in mutual cooperation. (Rusdy)

Rusdy Embas
Category: General May 20, 2019 | Views 230x Posted by: Rusdy Embas

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