Beautiful Lamp from Paralon Pipe

Rusdy Embas
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Lampu Hias Cantik dari Pipa Paralon

The digital age today certainly provides many benefits for its users. So that almost all information from all corners of the world can be accessed using only gadgets. Whenever and whereever someone wants it.

Just like what Asrul did. Residents of Jl Kampung Lette, Tanjung Bayang, Tamalatea Subdistrict, south of Makassar City. The 28-year-old, utilize the YouTube channel to learn about crafting guides.

From tutorial in the YouTube channel, this father of two children managed to make creative works that were worth money. Creating decorative lights using paralon pipes as the main material.

Asrul, on Saturday (05/11/2019), admitted that, for the past month, he had been engaged in the new activity. Producing decorative lights from paralon pipes.

And the result, is quite intercepting. The paralon pipe that he bought was transformed into a decorative lamp for various models so that it looked beautiful and attractive.

From inside the decorative lights, there is a glow of light bulb coming out of the slit of the Asrul-style carving that looks beautiful.

There are models that stand and some are supine models. Broadly speaking, Asrul offers two motives, namely the form of animation and calligraphy. (Bahri)

Rusdy Embas
Category: General May 11, 2019 | Views 216x Posted by: Rusdy Embas

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