Bureaucracy Reform in Kemdikbud

Firman Rusliawan
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Reformasi Birokrasi di Kemdikbud

The Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemdikbud) continues to strive to improve the quality of public services in accordance with the concept of internal bureaucratic reform. Kemdikbud undergo external survey of the Ministry of Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform (Kemenpan-RB) for the three types of public service.

Public services in Kemendikbud surveyed were Integrated Service Unit (ULT) managed by the Bureau of Communication and Community Services (BKLM), services of  School Operational Assistance (BOS) in the Directorate General of Elementary and Secondary Education, and the service professional allowance of teachers who administered by the Directorate General of Teachers and Personnel. The internal survey conducted Kemenpan-RB in cooperation with the Central Statistics Bureau (BPS).

Head of General Affairs of Kemdikbud who is also Chairman of the Internal Reforms (RBI) Kemdikbud, Sutanto, said, before external survey was conducted, Kemendibud has been undergoing an internal survey to the eight areas of change according to the RBI concept.

"The score is pretty good. Earlier also we are required to prepare all the requirements for conducting surveys. For example compile RBI road map," said Sutanto in ULT outlets.

Previously, Kemdikbud has also made the declaration of integrity zone meaning the territory is free from corruption.

Firman Rusliawan
Category: General December 22, 2016 | Views 679x Posted by: Firman Rusliawan

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