All in One: Data, NUPTK, and Allowance

Firman Rusliawan
Category: General July 13, 2017 | Views: 585x Posted by: Firman Rusliawan

Setali Tiga Uang: Data, NUPTK, dan Tunjangan

Allowances for Teachers and Education Personnel (GTK) are the eagerly awaited news especially in the areas of ECE and CE. But of course there are some requirements and conditions that must be met. In the Workshop on Primary Education Data Updating yesterday (12/7/2017), Nazaruddin from the Secretariat of the Directorate General of Teachers and Education Personnel (Setditjen GTK) provided an explanation for the data operators.

"It all starts with the data you submitted. The most common problem is the data synchronization in Dapodik with the data in BKN. This has the potential to cause irregularities in the distribution of benefits," he said.

Nazaruddin continued, "If the data has been appropriate, then a Unique Number of Educators and Education Personnel (NUPTK) will be issued. This NUPTK is the basis for the next process. If NUPTK is valid, 50 percent of data is valid. But if NUPTK is invalid, then all data is invalid." 

From the description Nazaruddin, it can be understood the urgency of data accuracy that must handled by the data operator. Everything is related to the data, starting from the input process, the issue of NUPTK, which eventually culminate in the payment of GTK allowance.

Related to the problems experienced, the most frequent was the misleading information, so much time and energy wasted just to go back and forth to ask the truth to the Secretariat. For this problem, the solution to be undertaken is to conduct a structured socialization from the central government to the province, then from the province to the top-down regency, especially on how to fill the SIM application for GTK. (Firman)

Firman Rusliawan
Category: General July 13, 2017 | Views 585x Posted by: Firman Rusliawan

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